Be the change

The news is bad.

I mean, in general, the news I read every day is really bad. People are being hurt through misguided policies, the Earth is warming up and we may have gone beyond the point of no return, divisions in our country threaten to tear us apart. I have deep worries about the world our children will inherit.

So where does that leave us? The problems seem too overwhelming to overcome, yet hiding under the covers isn’t an option, either.

So I look to my home. I talk to my kids about the current state of affairs in the world and I focus on giving them facts, allowing them to form their own opinions. I also encourage them to help care for the foster dogs we bring in, not to mention the dogs in our permanent pack.

My husband and I have been fostering dogs since before my kids were born so my kids are very used to taking in homeless dogs and showing them love they may never have known. My kids are caring and empathetic, and they know how to welcome a new foster dog and help them get settled. They’re quiet and tender when a dog is timid and afraid; they’re playful and boisterous when a dog wants to play. They’re attuned to the dog’s well-being, reporting to me any coughing or other things that might require a trip to the vet.

Seeing them interact with the dogs, some of whom have never known human compassion and love, gives me hope for the future. I remind myself that, though these are difficult times, there is love and compassion and kindness in our world. I will continue teaching my kids these values, but I will also remain an engaged voter.

Foster Gallery

Shay, 5-yr old female Beagle / UPDATE: We foster failed…Shay is now a Wittman. 


Maggie May, aka Maggie Mayhem, 8-month old female Beagle / UPDATE: Adopted!

Maggie May

Butterscotch, 5-year old Shepard mix / UPDATE: Adopted!


We have a mid-term election coming up in November and generally these have even worse voter turn-out than elections held in presidential election years. When voter turn out is low, a small portion of our population gets to call the shots for everyone. No matter who you support, please vote in the upcoming primaries and general election. It’s your chance to let your voice be heard; it’s your chance — and your choice — to vote for positive change.


If you or someone you know is interested in adopting any of the three beauties listed here, please email me at