Lambs and lions, aka, I’M BACK!

In like a lion and out like a lamb? That’s a phrase, right?

My mom always used it this time of year, usually as part of her annual complaint about the infernal wind and blizzard of yellow palo verde blossums that clog one’s sinuses.


Chocolate bunnies: The real reason for the season

Well, I’m coming up on my ‘lamb-y’ time of year, that blessed time when I can once again breathe and not have a panic attack every twenty minutes fearing I’ve forgotten Something Important. Work obligations have quieted down a little bit and the kids are wrapping up the school year so, while it’s still a busy time of year, I don’t feel like I’m running around in a frantic rush. I’m finding time again to do…stuff. My stuff. I even started treadmilling again, so you know there is definitely something in the air. (I accomplished my goal of re-watching the entire first three seasons of Arrested Development and have almost finished the new ones. This is, for me, HUGE because I only allowed myself to watch the show while on the treadmill.)

And so I’ve returned to my happy little blog. It was just a short, six-month absence. (!) I won’t make any promises to never, ever leave the blogosphere again because we all know how that will end.

Happy Spring everyone. I missed you.