About Me

romi-carrell-wittman_color_square_smI live in Tucson with my husband, three smallish kids, dogs (the number always varies as we foster homeless critters) and two surprisingly large goldfish.

General Factoids:

  • I’m an assistant professor of practice in the University of Arizona South Organizational Leadership program. (I served as adjunct faculty for the program for 8 years prior to joining the faculty full-time.)
  • I spent my entire career in communications and marketing, most recently at Arizona Public Media’s Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, where I was responsible for leading AZPM’s marketing, promotions, branding, and communication efforts including social media strategies. Prior to that I worked in the utility industry in a variety of marcomm-related jobs. (If you want to know what ‘line loss’ is or how coal, natural-gas or solar power plants generate electricity, I’m your (wo)man.)
  • I’m a freelance writer when time permits.
  • My husband and I have been in dog rescue for many years. This is why we have seven dogs. They are all hounds – five Beagles, one Bassett Hound-ish old man, and one 16-year-old hospice foster. If you ring the doorbell at our house, it sounds like there’s a fox hunt commencing in the living room.
  • I have written two books. The first one was my ‘starter’ book (translation: it wasn’t very good); the second one is ‘No Kidding’ and it’s available on Amazon.com. I have another book lurking in the dark recesses of my mind, but can never seem to find the time to write anything down.

For a more ‘official’ bio, here’s a piece from Greater Tucson Leadership, where I’m a Governing Board Member:

A long-time Tucsonan, Romi holds dual Bachelor’s degrees in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the University of Arizona and an MBA from Eller Graduate School of Management.

Romi has more than 20 years’ experience in marketing and communications management. Her experience includes marketing strategy, consumer outreach, internal and external communications, public and media relations, digital marketing and market research. 

As a freelance writer, Romi contributes frequently to a variety of local publications, including Biz Tucson and Tucson Lifestyle Home & Garden. She was a technology columnist for the Tucson Citizen for 11 years. 

Romi is active in the Tucson community, and currently serves not only on the board of the Greater Tucson Leadership Program but also Southern Arizona Beagle Rescue.